established cape town food stylist

I’m an established Cape Town food stylist and have been working in the industry for over 20 years. My background as a chef and a product developer for a large food retailer, along with my passion for design and form has lead me to work with South Africa’s best photographers for companies across the board from emerging brands to top food retailers.

I bring to every job a unique understanding of the working environment and the ability to interpret client briefs with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, I have earned a reputation as a can-do stylist who gets the job done no matter what the challenges.

Every day I am presented with a different product to prepare and style as well as a host of creative personalities to interact with. At any given moment I may be up a ladder, frying hamburgers, sculpting fruit or painstakingly positioning sesame seeds with my tweezers. I often describe my work as "hair and make-up" for food in that, the product, which often starts off looking less than pretty, needs to ultimately look mouth-watering and delicious. I find the diverse world in which I work both stimulating and exciting, and I enjoy its dynamic nature. There is never a dull moment on set, and often the behind the scenes images show just how many tricks of the trade are used in order to create the shot that the consumer will finally see.

cape town food styling WORKSHOPS

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