Smoothies are always hot and have stood the test of time, moving and adapting with the fads and trends along the way. A smoothie can be anything that it likes! It can be an indulgent dessert, or it can be a full on vegan meal masked as a smoothie - clever!

Recently I did a shoot for NutriBullet and discovered that the possibilities for smoothies are endless - you can literally pop anything that you like (or don't like... I'm thinking kale) into a NutriBullet and within seconds you have an easy to drink healthy, vegan, supplemented, indulgent, protein-fueled, or what ever-you-are-needing smoothie.

I hope you enjoy these images and smootie ideas as much as I enjoyed researching and styling them.

Smoothes - full size crop.jpg

Stylist: Lisa Clark | Assistant: Mischa Razak | Photographer: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail